Revolutionary Nail Glazing

Nail Glazing is a revolutionary process that is exclusive to VIP Salon. Our experienced and licensed nail technicians apply a clear hard coating over the natural nail similar to acrylic application. This coating contains Vitamin E for conditioning of the natural nails while it is on the natural nail. Natural nails will now hold polish like acrylic nails and you will also benefit by not having to deal with dry unruly cuticles. The results are incredible! You will only have to "reglaze" approximately 2-3 weeks depending on personal nail growth.

Glazing needs to be removed and freshly reapplied every three months; making the overall cost less than most traditional nail systems. This is a win-win situation with less cost, less maintenance and instant results. This is even a great solution to nail biters! Call or come into VIP Salon for details on this exclusive new process. Developed by VIP Salon and can only be found here at VIP Salon and Spa.

Shellac is Here!

The Shellac System features a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat. Together with CND UV lamp they comprise the breakthrough in resilient color that remains flawless for 14-days and removes in 10 minutes. Read more about Shellac.


A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology:

  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes


The second step of the Shellac system - brushes on for smooth, even coverage. Provides a long-lasting color layer to nails.


Provides a revolutionary new, hybrid color service for nails. Provides 14-day wear.