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Do you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss? VIP Salon and our hair technicians understand that this is a very challenging issue for both men and women. Whether your hair loss is derived from cancer treatments, thyroid disorder, stress, age, vitamin deficiency, menopause, male pattern baldness or forms of alopecia; there is an answer with a solution.

In the very near future, VIP SALON is pleased to introduce our latest HAIR LOSS STUDIO –‘ROOTS’ featuring hair rejuvenating low level lasers. “ROOTS” will also be VIP’S very own nourishing hair loss and thinning product line named after our studio. Our company is very excited to offer this long awaited service and product line.

After years of servicing our clients, one of their major concerns is hair loss and thinning hair. VIP SALON has done extensive research to offer a solution to our clientele. With our recommendations for diet, vitamins, hair maintenance, styling products and hair rejuvenating low level laser treatments; you will see a dramatic improvement in your hair regrowth and how it looks and feels in a shorter time than you may think.

VIP is offering a one year treatment program. Results will typically be seen starting in less than one month however for optimum results the commitment is one year.

The consultation fee is $100 which will be applied to the one year program only if purchased.

At this time, VIP SALON is looking for one special candidate to show our clients just how VIP’s new service works before we launch our studio. The value of the program is $4000+…. You will receive the products and treatments for one full year.

To qualify: Please send a detailed letter on when your hair loss started, what you feel has created the problem (i.e. medication, menopause, etc.) and why you feel you would be our “poster” person to help others. Please note: You do not have to show pictures of yourself if you choose not to… Only your scalp of before and after treatments that we will take pictures of. Information should be sent no later than September 30th to:


Mail to:

VIP SALON AND SPA 15580 King Road Riverview, MI 48193

Private Email: www.yourvipexperience@comcast.net

ATTN: Hair Loss Solution


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