Facials and Treatments

VIP Salon has taken much time, study, and effort to offer you, our customer, the BEST Medical-grade and Natural facial lines available in the United States.

Add peel $35


A customized express facial depending on your skin's needs is perform in a shorter amount of time than our full facial but still with great results.


A complete facial with the addition of a dermaplaning on the face and neck


As seen on “THE DOCTORS”, Adds hydration, tightening, softens lines. A remarkable difference made with this facial


Skin Authority has hand-picked VIP as one of their exclusive locations to offer its signature natural sugar cane skin glycolic peel. It is one of the best resurfacing and nourishing products in the world. Experience instant gratification with no down time with your first peel. Your skin will be radiant!


Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and polish the skin for a radiant complexion. Superior results with one treatment. Helps with acne breakouts and production of collagen stimulation and many more amazing benefits to the skin. This does not include facial. This is treatment only.


Complete exfoliation with microdermabrasion machine and all the benefits with the addition of a full Eminence Organic Facial


Arch with eyebrow tinting


Consultation needed to book

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