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Incredible product line that delivers the most awesome hair products created by Hairdressers. R & CO offers a vast array of products for every hair type. You will find something that you find incredible! We wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to have the entire collection available to them. We carry a very large amount R & CO products but not the entire line.

AMAZING line that VIP Salon has chosen to offer that is world renown and has won several awards. Once you try this line of products you will understand why VIP fell in love with them. We definitely believe that organic products that deliver results are a great skincare line to offer our clients.

VIP has chosen to directly offer this EMINENCE to our clients and have them direct ship to them if our products are out of stock. This is also a convenience if you are not able to come into VIP and purchase.

Skin Authority

A skin care line with medical grade results. VIP Salon has offered this line for over 15 years. The history and developer Celeste created a company that delivers results from technology that is unheard of in the beauty industry. Once you use one of the Skin Authority products or receive a glycolic peel by our Licensed Estheticians, your skin will radiate. From wrinkle-reducing to skin plumping and hydration this will be a line you will trust and value.

Healium Hair is a women-led haircare company with a focus on helping women with thin or fine hair fall in love with their haircare routine

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