Massage Services

Feel yourself unwind as one of our massage therapists use relaxing techniques to reduce stress and revitalize your body.

Therapeutic massage using deep pressure eases area of acute muscle tension and soreness.
Single 50 minute massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue or Prenatal) $75.00
25 minutes $45.00
Couples Deep Tissue 50 minute massage $150.00


Deep relaxing heat of basalt stones combined with Swedish massage techniques used to de-stress your body and stimulate energy flow.
Single 50 minute massage $75.00
Couples double 50 minute massage $150.00


Enjoy a stress relieving massage of the scalp to stimulate circulation and revitalize your mind.


Soothing massage therapy and pressure point technique applied to the forehead relieving sinus pressure and congestion.


Relax as your body is exfoliated with dead sea salts and grape seed oil leaving skin soft with a healthy glow.


(Must be Prepaid)
Your body will be wrapped in warm cloths drenched in our signature aloe vera and herb solution. As the pores of your skin open the aloe vera will penetrate the protein wall around the fat cells and allow the essential herbs to begin dissipating the bulky toxins into the lymph system resulting in all over inch loss and detoxification.

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